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Meet Our Team


Tammy Lovell,
Certified Real Estate Consultant

I am a Canadian; a Newfoundlander to be exact who in 2014 traded the long cold winters for a warm tropical life in Costa Rica. My husband Kevin and I were ready for a change, and Costa Rica ticked all our boxes.  And, while summers are still spent back home in Newfoundland with family and friends, Costa Rica has become our home away from home where we are legal residents. Like many of you reading this post we depended solely on our local real estate agent to help us navigate this new life. Living and working in the land of eternal summers has been quite a dream come true and one we feel quite blessed to have.

My career background in Canada includes twelve years of sales and marketing with the Yellow Pages Group, followed by a successful career with RE/MAX where I worked as a commercial and residential sales agent. Upon moving to Costa Rica, I completed the required course to work legally as a real estate agent.  I am currently a member of the Costa Rica Global Association of Realtors (CRGAR), the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and my company is a member of the Superintendencia General de Entidades Financieras (SUGEF) and am one of less than one hundred licensed real estate agents in Costa Rica. 

 Allow me to help you decide if Costa Rica is right for you. Whether you are seeking a vacation home, an investment property, or looking to relocate, Costa Rica has something for everyone and I specialize in each. My passion for life in Costa Rica extends to cycling or spinning most days, exploring new beaches, and going on fun road trips throughout the country.  Just for a moment,  forget about the complexity of the world and discover something new. Take a slow deep breath and allow me to introduce you to the land of PURA VIDA.

François Lanthier
Real Estate Sales Associate

François divides his time between his homes in Ottawa and Costa Rica; he has been a dedicated real estate investor since 2015. Both him and his wife Jennifer currently own properties in 6 countries, François loves the thrill of buying and selling real estate.

His background includes a degree in interior design, as well many years in marketing. François is highly experienced and has been working with investors from all over the world. He had also worked on many renovation projects. He is passionate about great customer service, as well creating a memorable experience for the client. His objective is to help you find a property to fit your exact needs. François and his family first visited Costa Rica in 2022 after acquiring his first property through Tammy Sells Costa Rica. Upon arrival, it was love at first sight, insisting what a beautiful country and a land of opportunity. Francois is currently working on acquiring his membership with the Costa Rica Global Association of Realtors (CRGAR), the National Association of Realtors (NAR), and becoming a member of the Superintendencia General de Entidades Financieras (SUGEF). You can count on François to guide you through all aspects of your real estate purchase, he is very knowledgeable and eager to answer all of your questions about Costa Rica. When Francois is not indulging in real estate, you can find him gardening, exploring nature, learning languages and he loves being a wine and foodie junkie.

Contact François today, he is delighted to help you any way he can. You can reach François directly at +1-613-252-9829 (Canada/USA) or on Whatsapp +506-8518-1220 or click here to email him directly. You'll also find him all over social media as he truly is a marketing guru. Francois speaks English, French and Spanish.

Portraits.10 Kevin.jpg

Kevin Barnes,
Sales Assistant

In 2007 Kevin visited Costa Rica for the first time on a cruise and knew he wanted to return and explore this amazing diverse country.  When he and Tammy moved here in 2014 it was like a dream come true.  Kevin wanted to live a simple life by the sea where he could enjoy boating, spear fishing and snorkeling.  Kevin’s background includes over thirty years with the Federal government; as well he is the owner of a small safety supply company back in Newfoundland which he still runs remotely a little each day from Costa Rica.

Having built and bought many homes over the years, Kevin is keen on what to look for if you are considering a new build and is eager to help in all aspects.  He works as the company’s assistant, doing everything from accounting to assisting in sales.  At the end of most workdays, you will find Kevin sitting on the beach enjoying a beer and living what he considers his best life possible.  Kevin is here to help you learn more about how to live your best life in the land of PURA VIDA. 


Dan Aspin

Introducing Dan, a passionate Canadian photographer deeply connected to the allure of Costa Rica's natural beauty. His journey into photography was sparked by a profound love for this tropical paradise, where he has had the privilege of capturing its enchanting landscapes and vibrant culture through the lens of his camera. Every click of the shutter is a tribute to the magic of Costa Rica.


As the founder and creative force behind Paradise Productions, he is honoured to be the preferred photographer for Tammy Sells Costa Rica, a testament to his dedication to capturing the essence of Costa Rica's real estate market. This partnership reflects his commitment to showcasing properties at their absolute best.


Specializing in real estate photography and videography, he excels in showcasing properties in their finest light. Whether it's a luxurious beachfront villa, a cozy mountain retreat, or an urban gem, his photographs and videos expertly convey the unique charm of each property.


Gabriel Guillemette
Local Mortgage Broker

We understand that owning a property in Costa Rica is a significant investment, and we are committed to making it as accessible and convenient as possible. Tammy Sells Costa Rica is pleased to welcome Gabriel Guillemette as our local mortgage broker.

Having traversed Canada's diverse landscapes and cultures, Gabriel embarked on a new journey with his family to Costa Rica's South Pacific region, seeking the "pura vida" lifestyle—slowing down and cherishing life's essence. As an entrepreneur, he is reshaping Costa Rica's lending industry, fostering inclusivity for businesses and individuals. Simultaneously, Gabriel delves into innovative, eco-conscious real estate development, blending architecture with sustainability.


Amidst rainforests and beaches, this tranquil haven fuels his ventures. Each sunrise reinforces the path from Canadian cities to Costa Rican paradise. Here, "pura vida" is not a saying, but a life embraced.

Gabriel can be reached through our website or email him directly at

Lucy Lovell,
Sales Assistant & Marketer

Introducing Lucy Lovell, a proud Costa Rican native who joined the Tammy Sells Costa Rica team in 2022 as a marketer but swiftly ascended to the role of a sales assistant, thanks to her unwavering determination and amiable nature. Despite this being Lucy's inaugural professional endeavor, she successfully sailed through her probationary period and has now secured a permanent part-time position with the firm.

Lucy's responsibilities encompass various facets, from accompanying Tammy on property viewings, where her distinctive tail-wagging serves as an endearing signal for potential investment opportunities, to spearheading marketing efforts that highlight the joys of adopting a local pet for clients considering a move to Costa Rica.

When Lucy isn't diligently assisting clients, you'll find her frolicking on the pristine local beaches, enjoying quality time with her cherished feline companions Sophia, Ruby, and Rufus, and relishing girl time with Tammy. She's also an avid traveler, with Newfoundland, Canada, holding a special place in her heart as her second home during the summer months.

Lucy eagerly offers her expertise during consult sessions, always accompanied by Tammy, to assist clients in discovering their ideal tropical property. You can easily reach out to Lucy through Tammy's email or WhatsApp, and she looks forward to helping you navigate your real estate journey.

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